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LEDUS we’re contacted by Access Self Storage, Battersea to replace their existing fluorescent fittings with new LED luminaries throughout the sites open areas, corridors, hallways, stair cases, kitchens, lounges, pulic toilets and entrances. An initial survey was conducted of the sites ground, first and second floor. The proposal was to replace 83 lights with an ROI of 1.3 years and a lifetime reduction of 33% on expenses.

Client Specifications

Why were you looking to change to LED?

We had noticed our old fluorescent lights had started to fail quite regular. We were looking for a more long term and sustainable alternative. LED was chosen as LED lights last much longer so would save on the maintenance costs and hassle as well as use less energy than our current lighting.

What were your requirements?

To begin with we were looking to switch over our communal areas as these were on more frequent so were the main problem areas, such as seating areas, shared office areas, corridors, staircases and W.Cs. We have also started looking at switching over the storage facilities and other areas.

Since upgrading have your requirements been met?

In the first 6 months after switching to LED we had just 1 fitting which needed to be replaced. We had a power cut and one of the lamps wouldn’t turn back on after. We’re unsure whether the power failure caused damage to the lamp or not but out of approximately 200 fittings this is the only fitting we had to replace, LEDUS just came to the premises and replaced it without any hassle. We’d consider this a good outcome considering we were changing about 60% of our fluorescent each year.

Do you know of any challenges or difficulties, if any, how did LEDUS overcame them?

During the installation process the team needed to locate the breaker switches to turn off the electricity whilst doing the install and battery testing, unfortunately our previous maintenance or installers hadn’t correctly labelled or marked off the wiring diagrams so there was delays with the installation whilst the breaker switchers were determined. The installation team stayed and worked overtime to ensure the fittings were replaced in accordance with the proposed schedule. Also, during the emergency testing one fitting wasn’t working, LEDUS simple replaced the fitting on site we have had no problems with the fitting since.

What are your overall experiences in working with LEDUS?

The whole processes was clearly described before hand, the surveys, the reporting, the installation and customer service was explained and conducted as described throughout the whole process and LEDUS have maintained relationship with us afterwards to ensure we have no problems with the fittings and if we do LEDUS will resolve without hesitation.

Would you use LEDUS again if you had the opportunity to?

We have a series of Self Storage units which we are considering switching to LED, we have already contacted LEDUS regarding these and will consider to use LEDUS if we do go ahead.


Financial Breakdown

The total costs to supply and install 83 luminaries including the removal and disposal of the existing fluorescent was £6,461.60.


The total project had a return on investment of 1.3 years

Lifetime Savings

The proposed lifetime of the LED installation is 5.85 years. Over this period Access Self Storage, Battersea would pay £42,671.16 under their fluorescent lighting. They are expecting to pay just £13,669.38 in the same time after switching to LED, they will get an overall saving of £23,001.78

They will also reduce their energy usage from 116.86 tonnes of C02 to 58.75 tonnes, saving 58.11 tonnes of C02.


Wiring diagrams

When we began the installation the previous cabling hadn’t been labelled correctly and the premises owners did not have the lighting diagrams to show which lighting circuits were connect to which breakers. This meant that we could not isolate individual sets to conduct the installation. Fortunately we had scheduled to conduct the installation out of working hours so we were able to manually test each circuit breaker to identify which series of luminaries was connected to which power supply without disturbing normal works. This took a little bit of extra time but we managed to correctly, safely and securely complete the installation within the scheduled time frame.

Faulty fittings

Since completing the installation we have been contacted Access Self Storage just once of a report of a faulty fitting. The fault was reported after a power cut and the luminary did not behave as expected after. After receiving the report we inspected the fitting and found the problem was with the batter not holding its charge, we replaced the fitting immediately.


The initial quote and risk assessment was completed within 1 week and the project was confirmed a month later. The installation and testing was completed in 2 days.

We have received compliments off of Access Storage and those renting space at Access Storage. We have been informed that the only maintenance performed in 6 months on the new lighting was that which we carried out ourselves to one faulty fitting indicating a positive reduction of maintenance expenses and hassle.

There has been compliments from both staff of Access Storage and companies renting space within the office building stating that the light is more clean and has made the environment more friendly.

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