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"RGE Group specialises in precision plastic injection mouldings, tooling and product development engineering. Innovation and quality is at the heart of what we do.

The environmental impact of injection moulding is considered in all our business decisions and we are committed to minimising pollution through lean manufacturing techniques and continuous improvement."
- RGE Group

 RGE are a family run business who focus on the environmental impact of their operations and also strive to reduce costs which will be passed on to their consumer, based in Cambridgeshire and have facilities across the UK, Lithuania, USA, Portugal and China, RGE produce s for companies such as IKEA.


LEDUS were asked by Cenergist, a company specialising in energy and water efficiency to propose LED lighting to their client RGE who LEDUS had formed a strong partnership with by demonstrating exceptional expertis and knowledge in the lighting and energy savings sector after completing over 100 proposals for their clients.

 LEDUS carried out a lighting survey, installation survey, presented an energy savings report and lighting simulation to demonstrate to RGE how much money they could save, how they would reduced waste emissions and where lights should be positioned for best luminarie output.

 The proposal began with a lighting survey on 03.05.17 identifying REG Groups current lighting and understanding requirements, a technical installation survey was carried out on the 11.05.17 to determine the best way to carry out the installation in the quickest time with causing least disturbance to RGE Groups operations.

 An energy savings report and replacement schedule was completed and presented on the 22.05.17, it was agreed to carry out the installation over two phases. The first phase was carried out on the 15.06.17 the second phase was 26.08.17.

 A total of 157 luminaries were to be installed with an ROI of 1.64 years.

 This will reduce RGEs average luminarie life expectancy from 0.94 years to 7.06 years. Over the lifetime of the installations RGE will reduce their energy expenses from £396,851.31 under the previous lighting to £175,289.88 under LEDUS LED lighting, they will receive a total savings of £221,561.43.

Financial Breakdown

 The proposal was to replace 127 luminaries with 157 LED equivalents throughout their store rooms and molding areas.


The ROI of the installation is 1.64 years

 Lifetime Savings

The current life of their traditional lighting is 0.94 years, on average all fittings will be replaced every 0.94 years giving an estimated maintenance cost of £7,793.99 each year and estimated energy consumption of £48.448.69 each year. With LEDUS LED lighting the estimated lifetime expectancy is 7.06 years and the energy consumption is reduced to just £24,842.48 each year.

The lifetime C02 savings is 715.89 tonnes and total cost is reduced from £396,851.31 to £175,289.88 giving an overall saving of £221,561.43.


Due to the size and weight of equipment specialised staff had to be involved to prepare lifting around the equipment so the lights could be installed. A further survey had to be conducted of the areas to determine a solution to reach the fittings without having to move the equipment which was too heavy and large to move around easily.

The current boom lifter couldn’t reach because of machinery and heavy equpment in warehouse, the lifter was replcaed and smaller equipment had to be temporarily rearranged to allow for the lifter, this caused an extra day for the installation to be complete.

The original proposal was to carry out the installation during a shut down period so the extra day did not change the original quote and did not affect the clients working environment.


The install was completed in 2 phases out of hours during a shut down period. There was no disruption to the clients operating hours and enough time was allocated to deal with any problems which may occur.

Their was a total of 127 Fluorescent fittings removes and 157 LED Flood Lights installed. This gave a total energy cost reduction of 50% and total costs including maintenance was reduce by almost 60%.

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