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10 rows of 8 luminaries were replaced from 400w floodlights to 120w LEDUS LED floodlights.
LEDUS UK created a luminary simulation which demonstrated how the low wattage floodlights by LEDUS would give an overall light coverage of 70% or more which was the same or better than previous and created an energy savings report. Over five years the old lighting would have cost €88,256, with LED this has been reduced to €23,023. The Total five year saving is €41.953.

Concerns and Requirements

Issues which we addressed

The activities, speed of balls and size of equipment will influence the visual conditions.

Brighter light – Gives better contrast and makes it easier to see but can be straining on the eye.
Softer light - More rested for the eyes but can reduce visibility

Tall columns - Project shorter shadows and reduce the risk of glare but are more expensive and more difficult to maintain.
Low columns - More economical but project shadows longer, affecting visibility and increase the risk of glare.

This was taken into consideration and address when designing and implementing the luminaries.
Overall we found a good balance between lighting visibility and convenience

Specifications - LEDUS LED Flood Lights for Sports Halls

LEDUS sport lights are designed and developed in order to have the best technical solution possible making our products different from other manufacturers.

Modular Technology

Modular technology allows customisation and modification with little hassle.

  • LED Brand: Philips-Lumileds
  • Lumens: 95-135lm/W
  • CCT: 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K
  • Dimension: 275x70x48mm
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Drive Current: 350-1050mA
  • DC Input Voltage: 48-57V @ 700mA, 50-61V @ 860mA, 50-61V @ 1050mA
  • LEDs: 18 units in series
  • Waterproof Connector: 2-pin, threaded, M15
  • N.W.: 0.85KG




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