LEDUS LED WIDE TUBE 36W AC100-240V 4000K 120 DEG. 1200(L)X75(W)X22(H)M

Product Description

LEDUS high-Efficient SMD light source with high colour rendering and excellent thermal control

Built-in driver for easy installation
Extremely long life with more than 50,000 hours Environmental friendly – produce no heavy metals and harmful gas

Any indoor places such as offices, factories, shops, restaurants & general lighting at home

Product Specifications

EAN: 4892222001875 SKU: LWB120036WA01.T-B40A


LWB600: 18W 600 x 75 x 22
LWB1200: 24W 1200 x 75 x 22
LWB1500: 30W 1500 x 75 x 22